Emergency Room

What to Take to the ER With You

An emergency can happen at any moment, requiring you to visit the nearest emergency department for help. If it is possible have a bag prepared ahead of time for such emergencies since you won’t be able to do so when the emergency is occurring. The following items are good things to take along with you to the emergency room Houston so put them in your prepared bag and be ready for the unexpected.

  • List of medications that you take. This includes both non-prescription and those that a doctor has prescribed. It is also important to let the doctor know about any vitamins that you are taking.
  • A list of the problems that you currently have with your health. You can get this from your doctor, and should have it on hand with you always.
  • ID or a driver’s license is also something that you need to take with you to the emergency department.
  • Insurance cards and insurance information is needed to receive medical care and a delay in these cards can cause confusion. Avoid such a hassle and have them with you always.
  • A change of clothes is important to take with you in case you are admitted to the ER. Bring along a change of undergarments, as well as socks, a night gown or pajamas, and slippers or house shoes.
  • Toiletry items like soap, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as cologne and body spray. You don’t know how much you will miss these items until you try using those given to you by the hospital!
  • If you use glasses or a hearing aid, a cane, or a walker, you need to make sure that you have these items with you when visiting the ER.
  • Take a list of phone numbers and emergency contacts with you. You might need to get in touch with one or more of these people and without these details, that might not be so easy.